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About Us


Greenans Cottage is located in northern Virginia. Our online-only collection primarily showcases American and European decorative arts and fine antiques from the 18th to early 20th century.

Greenans was created in 2017 by Christine Ward a transplant to northern Virginia from Chicago’s North Shore. Chrissy fell in love with Virginia twenty years ago, as it was highly reminiscent of her ancestral homeland of Ireland. She found that in addition to similar flora and fauna, Virginia also possessed a healthy sprinkling of Georgian houses amidst plenty of sunshine. 

Quality, uniqueness and, in certain cases, wonderment is what informs our purchasing strategy. We pursue treasure; never trash. Our goal is to dazzle and delight our clients.

Community Engagement

Greenans is a member of the Decorative Arts Trust and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VFMA).

Welcome to our collection!